About us


We share over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry helping people from all walks of life secure a mortgage.


This isn’t just our job, this is our passion. Our family-owned business genuinely cares about helping others in the pursuit of a mortgage.


We work with lenders that we have long standing relationships with to get you the lowest rate available. Our connections, history and expertise will save you money and time.
about us

We are relationship focused, not transaction focused.

We are here to make your mortgage process easier! Mortgages can be stressful. Whether you are looking to buy your first residential or commercial property, purchase an investment property, renew your current mortgage, refinance or apply for a personal loan, the level of administration and information required to navigate these complex processes can be time-consuming and exhausting. You do not have to do it alone.

Our team at Centum Mortgage Masters has decades of experience simplifying the mortgage experience for clients. As a team of engineers turned Mortgage Masters, we possess a unique and strategic understanding of the real estate market, sales and mortgage trends.

We pride ourselves on our core values of first understanding the current market trends, listening openly to our clients’ needs, and using these insights to help guide our clients’ mortgage decisions in the right direction for them.